Welcome to Parksyde Homes

Introducing Parksyde Homes, a Gold Pre-certified Project by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), Parksyde Homes is nestled amidst refreshing open spaces and introduces you to a lifestyle that's extravagant yet sensible.

Designed to take the shape of an amazing maze, the paths at Parksyde Homes flow in an unbroken harmony. The project is spread across more than 15 acres of prime land in one of the fastest growing educational suburbs of Nashik. Out of the total expanse of land on which the project stands, more than 80% is attributed to vast open & landscape areas, leaving you with about more than 5 lac sq.ft of mesmerizing, open spaces crafted to perfection. Divided into 10 separate areas and created in the form of spirals that signify growth and evolution, these open spaces promise a well-rounded lifestyle. Also, with every cluster of towers sharing their own community space, your delight will know no bounds.


Phase 1 A,B,C,D,E P51600002640 Certificate Phase 1
Phase 2 A F,G,H P51600009429 Certificate Phase 2 A
Phase 2 B T,U,V P51600002975 Certificate Phase 2 B
Phase 3 I,J,K P51600003548 Certificate Phase 3
Phase 4 A O,Q,R,S P51600003077 Certificate Phase 4 A
Phase 4 B N,P P51600004804 Certificate Phase 4 B
Phase 5 A M1,M2,M3,M4,M5,M6,L P51600004799 Certificate Phase 5 A